The World Seido Karate Organization sponsors a number of special events throughout the year. These events are intended to provide students with an opportunity to experience karate training in an environment that is outside of, yet complementary to, the normal class structure.

Kagami Biraki (New Year's Training)

Held on the second Sunday of each January, Kagami Biraki brings students together for an early-morning workout in the New Year. It is a time for all students, regardless of rank, to rededicate their training with a fresh and renewed spirit. Open to all Seido students. View photos from 2015 Kagami Biraki!

Annual Black Belt Clinic & Meeting

One special weekend every year, Seido black belts from all over the world convene at Honbu in New York City. It is a time when students and instructors focus on advanced material, test their skills, exchange ideas, and reconnect with members they may not have seen in a while. At the Annual Branch Chief and Head Instructor Meeting, the leaders of the World Seido Karate Organization are able to meet directly with Kaicho T. Nakamura and Nidaime A. Nakamura. Following this meeting, a welcome reception for out-of-town students takes place at Honbu. Open to all Seido black belts.

Summer Gasshuku

Gasshuku, which means “retreat,” is a great opportunity to experience many facets of Seido Karate. The weekend involves special outdoor training in a beautiful setting. Activities include evening and sunrise meditations to focus our minds only on the moment and emerge with a newfound clarity to reassess where we are in our lives.

The workouts can be rigorous, but the ultimate goal is the connection that we form with one another that makes Gasshuku special. And don’t forget the infamous “Seido games”! Every phase of the weekend will provide you with something new to learn about yourself and your peers. Open to all Seido students.

Beach Training

Held on the first Sunday each August, beach training provides a wonderful opportunity for all Seido karateka to train at the ocean and join together in fun and games afterward. Beach training is one of the few opportunities for Seido members to train outdoors; Kaicho has often remarked on the importance of practicing karate in natural settings to enhance training. Open to all Seido students. View photos from 2014 Beach Training!

Seido Karate Anniversary Tournament

Excitement builds each October as students prepare for Seido's Anniversary Tournament, held in New York City. Previous years' competitions have included divisions in kata, kumite, team kumite, and tamashiwari (breaking). As part of this daylong event, Seido's children and members of Seido's special programs participate in demonstrations and exhibitions. In the spirit of always trying our best, members compete to test their skills in the supportive and fun environment of this tournament event. Open to all Seido students.